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Cheap flights from London UK to Kunming China for only 313 roundtripDEPARTLondon UKARRIVEKunming ChinaRETURNLondon UKDATESAvailability fromNovember to December 2019Example dates 3rd 10th Nov 3rd 16th Nov 5th 1
Fly from Swiss citiesto Johannesburg South Africa from only 320 roundtrip with KLMDepart fromBasel 320Geneva 333Zurich 334DEPARTBaselGenevaZurich SwitzerlandARRIVEJohannesburg South AfricaRETURNBasel
Non stop flights from Brussels Belgium to Shanghai China for only 395 roundtrip with Hainan AirlinesDEPARTBrussels BelgiumARRIVEShanghai ChinaRETURNBrussels BelgiumDATESAvailability from May to June 2019Example dat
Cheapflights from Stockholm Sweden to Phuket Thailand for only377 roundtripDEPARTStockholm SwedenARRIVEPhuket ThailandRETURNStockholm SwedenDATESLimited availability fromNovember 2019 to February2020 (exclud
Cheap flights from Geneva Switzerlandto Kuala Lumpur Malaysia for only 393 roundtrip with Etihad AirwaysDEPARTGeneva SwitzerlandARRIVEKuala Lumpur MalaysiaRETURNGeneva SwitzerlandDATESAvailability fromMay to Oc
Cheap flights from Geneva Switzerlandto Bangkok Thailandfor only 385 roundtrip with Etihad AirwaysDEPARTGeneva SwitzerlandARRIVEBangkok ThailandRETURNGeneva SwitzerlandDATESAvailability fromMay to June 2019E
Fly from Rome Italy to Bangkok Thailand for only 363 roundtripDEPARTRome ItalyARRIVEBangkok ThailandRETURNRome ItalyDATESAvailability fromNovember to December 2019Example dates 1st 12th Nov1st 14th Nov 3rd 1
A video posted online shows a United Airlines passenger shaving his head in his business class seatA man on a United Airlines flight was dubbed disgusting by social media users as they watched a video of him shaving his head in his seat
Cheap flights from Amsterdam Netherlands to Macau China for only354 roundtripDEPARTAmsterdam NetherlandsARRIVEMacau ChinaRETURNAmsterdam NetherlandsDATESLimited availability fromMay to November 2019 (excluding
Cheap flightsfrom Toronto Canada to Guatemala City Guatemala for only 360 CAD roundtrip with AeromexicoDEPARTTorontoCanadaARRIVEGuatemala City GuatemalaRETURNToronto CanadaDATESAvailability fromSeptember to Nov
Summer flights from Paris France to Lome Togo for only314 roundtrip with TAP PortugalDEPARTParis FranceARRIVELome TogoRETURNParis FranceDATESAvailability from May to July 2019Example dates 5th 13th May 5th 15t
Cheap flightsfrom Frankfurt Germany to Chicago USA for only272 roundtrip with American AirlinesDEPARTFrankfurt GermanyARRIVEChicago USARETURNFrankfurt GermanyDATESAvailability fromSeptember to October 2019Exa
Summer flights from Vienna Austria to Shenzhen China for only362 roundtripDEPARTVienna AustriaARRIVEShenzhen ChinaRETURNVienna AustriaDATESLimited availability fromJune to September 2019Example dates27th Jun
Non stop flights from Los Angelesto Orlando Florida for only 186 roundtripwith DeltaAlso works in reverseDEPARTLos Angeles USAARRIVEOrlando USARETURNLos Angeles USADATESAvailability fromAugust to October 2019E
Non stop flights from Houston Texas toSan Jose del Cabo Mexico for only 187 roundtrip with United AirlinesDEPARTHouston USAARRIVESan Jose del Cabo MexicoRETURNHouston USADATESAvailability inMay 2019Example dates
Non stop flights from San Francisco to Chengdu China for only 435 roundtrip with United AirlinesDEPARTSan Francisco USAARRIVEChengdu ChinaRETURNSan Francisco USADATESAvailability fromAugust to December 2019Example d
Cheap flights from Dallas to Lima Peru for only 256 roundtripDEPARTDallasUSAARRIVELima PeruRETURNDallasUSADATESLimited availability inOctober2019Example dates 6th 16th Oct 21st 27th Oct21st 30th Oct 24th
Cheap flights from Belfast Northern Ireland to Enfidha Tunisia for only 49 roundtripDEPARTBelfast UKARRIVEEnfidha TunisiaRETURNBelfast UKDATESLimited availability inMay 2019Example dates1st 11th May 4th 11th Ma
2 in 1 tripFlyfrom San Francisco to Tokyo Japan and Hong Kong for only 545 roundtrip with United Airlines and All Nippon AirwaysDEPARTSan Francisco USAARRIVETokyo JapanHong KongRETURNSan Francisco USADATESAvaila
Non stop flights from Cologne Germany to Monastir Tunisia for only 69 roundtripDEPARTCologne GermanyARRIVEMonastir TunisiaRETURNCologne GermanyDATESLimited availability fromJune to September 2019 (excluding summer
Flyfrom New York to Bogota Colombia for only 268 roundtripDEPARTNew York USAARRIVEBogota ColombiaRETURNNew York USADATESLimited availability inOctober 2019Example dates3rd 8th Oct 3rd 17th Oct 3rd 18th Oct 3r
Non stop flights from Scandinavian cities to Dubai UAE from only174 roundtripAlso works in reverse (from 195 USD roundtrip)RoutesStockholm Dubai174Oslo Dubai197Helsinki Dubai226Dubai Stockholm
Cheap flights from Prague Czech Republic to Cancun Mexico for only 336 roundtrip with Air France and DeltaDEPARTPrague Czech RepublicARRIVECancun MexicoRETURNPrague Czech RepublicDATESLimited availability inSeptem
Cheap flights from Chicago toQuito Ecuador for only 331 roundtrip with Copa AirlinesDEPARTChicago USAARRIVEQuito EcuadorRETURNChicago USADATESAvailability fromAugust to December 2019Example dates 28th Aug 9t
Cheap flights from Madrid or Barcelona Spain to Salvador Brazil from only 373 roundtrip with TAP PortugalDEPARTMadridBarcelona SpainARRIVESalvador BrazilRETURNMadridBarcelona SpainDATESAvailability from September
Cheap flights from Miami to Lima Peru for only 220 roundtripDEPARTMiami USAARRIVELima PeruRETURNMiami USADATESLimited availability inOctober 2019Example dates5th 16th Oct 5th 18th Oct 5th 21st Octpossibly more
Non stop summer flights from Orlando to Bogota Colombia for only 278 roundtrip with JetBlueDEPARTOrlando USAARRIVEBogota ColombiaRETURNOrlando USADATESAvailability fromAugust to December 2019Example dates 19th 28
Non stop flights from New York to Las Vegas for only 218 roundtrip with JetBlueAlso works in reverseDEPARTNew York USAARRIVELas Vegas USARETURNNew York USADATESLimited availability inSeptember 2019Example dates
Summer flights from Berlin Germany to Beijing China for only 339 roundtripDEPARTBerlin GermanyARRIVEBeijing ChinaRETURNBerlin GermanyDATESLimited availabilityfromJuly to August 2019Example dates 26th Jul
Non stop flightsfrom London UK toReykjavik Iceland for only 27 roundtripAlso works in reverse (for 19 roundtrip)Please note to get the advertised price you must be a member of the Wizz Discount ClubDEPARTLondon UKARRI
Cheap flights from Oslo Norway to Beijing China for only 340 roundtripDEPARTOslo NorwayARRIVEBeijing ChinaRETURNOslo NorwayDATESLimited availability fromOctober to December 2019Example dates 21st 31st Oct 31
Cheap flights from Taipei Taiwan to Amsterdam Netherlands for only 397 USD roundtripDEPARTTaipei TaiwanARRIVEAmsterdam NetherlandsRETURNTaipei TaiwanDATESLimited availability inJune 2019Example dates 4th 17th Jun
Cheap flights from Estonia Lithuania orLatvia to Singapore for only 384 roundtrip with LOT Polish AirlinesDEPARTTallinn EstoniaVilnius LithuaniaRiga LatviaARRIVESingaporeRETURNTallinn EstoniaVilnius LithuaniaRiga
Non stop flights from Bratislava Slovakia to Moscow Russia for only77 roundtripDEPARTBratislava SlovakiaARRIVEMoscow RussiaRETURNBratislava SlovakiaDATESLimited availability inSeptember 2019Example dates7th 2
HK Express are running a promo where you can fly the return leg for free on routes between Hong Kong and other Asian citiesFor example fly from Hong Kong to Taichung Taiwan foronly 104 USD roundtrip (see image below)Promoends 26th Apr
Cheap flights from Zurich Switzerland to Taipei Taiwan for only 348 roundtripDEPARTZurich SwitzerlandARRIVETaipei TaiwanRETURNZurich SwitzerlandDATESLimited availability from November to December 2019Example dates
Cheap flights from Rome Italy to Phnom Penh Cambodia for only 371 roundtripDEPARTRome ItalyARRIVEPhnom Penh CambodiaRETURNRome ItalyDATESLimited availability fromSeptember to October 2019Example dates13th Sep
Summer flightsfrom Seattle to Kahului Hawaii for only 342 roundtrip with Alaska AirlinesAlso works in reverseDEPARTSeattle USAARRIVEKahului USARETURNSeattle USADATESAvailability fromAugust to October 2019Example
Cheap flights from New York to Lima Perufor only 241 roundtripThe example dates range between 241 and 256 roundtripDEPARTNew York USAARRIVELima PeruRETURNNew York USADATESAvailability inOctober 2019Example
Cheapflights from Chicago to Entebbe Uganda for only 693 roundtrip with DeltaDEPARTChicago USAARRIVEEntebbe UgandaRETURNChicago USADATESAvailability fromOctoberto December 2019Example dates14th 22nd Oct 21st
Cheap flights from Manchester UK to Accra Ghana for only 280 roundtrip with TAP PortugalDEPARTManchester UKARRIVEAccra GhanaRETURNManchester UKDATESAvailability fromNovember 2019 to February2020 (excluding Christ
Super cheap flights from Italian cities to London UK from only 3 one wayDEPARTMilanVenice ItalyARRIVELondon UKDATESLimited availabilityinMay 2019Example datesMilan London314th 21st 28th MayVenice
Cheap flights from Brisbane Australia to Chinese cities from only 423 AUD roundtrip with Hainan AirlinesFly toXian 423Chongqing 431Chengdu 431Hangzhou 431Ningbo 431Nanjing 431Shanghai 431DEPARTBrisbane Austral
Cheap flights from Boise Idaho to Honolulu Hawaii for only 350 roundtrip with American AirlinesAlso works in reverseDEPARTBoise USAARRIVEHonolulu USARETURNBoise USADATESLimited availability inSeptember 2019Exampl
Cheap flights from Houston Texas to Nairobi Kenya for only 663 roundtrip with Qatar AirwaysDEPARTHouston USAARRIVENairobi KenyaRETURNHouston USADATESAvailability fromSeptember to November 2019Example dates9th 16t
Cheap flights from Sao Paulo Brazil to Porto Portugal for only 419 USD roundtrip with LATAM AirlinesDEPARTSao Paulo BrazilARRIVEPorto PortugalRETURNSao Paulo BrazilDATESAvailability fromSeptember to October 2019Ex
Non stop flights from London UK to Faro Portugal for only 8 roundtripDEPARTLondon UKARRIVEFaro PortugalRETURNLondon UKDATESAvailabilityfromApril to May 2019Example dates22nd Apr 2nd May 22nd Apr 3rd M
Non stop flights from London UK to Palma de Mallorca Spain for only 9 roundtripDEPARTLondon UKARRIVEPalma de Mallorca SpainRETURNLondon UKDATESLimited availabilityfromApril to May 2019Example dates 24th Apr
Non stop flightsfrom Manchester UK to Varadero Cuba for only 327 roundtripDEPARTManchester UKARRIVEVaradero CubaRETURNManchester UKDATESLimited availability fromJune to July 2019Example dates14th 21st Jun 14t
Non stop flights from Boston toDenver Colorado for only 136 roundtripwith JetBlueAlso works in reverseDEPARTBoston USAARRIVEDenver USARETURNBoston USADATESAvailability fromApril to May 2019Example datesBo

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