Spyfares.com is NOT a travel booking site ! It's a traveltool wich will lead you to the cheapests flights & hotels.

Ever wanted to go on a trip but all available flights were too expensive? At Spyfares.com, you can now combine multiple airlines such as Ryanair, Vueling, Wizz Air, Transavia and many more.

Ever wanted to go on a trip but don't know wich airports are the cheapest to depart/arrive? At Spyfares.com, you can find flights on nearby airports as there are often cheaper.

Ever wanted to go on a trip when the price is the cheapest ? At Spyfares.com, you can specify your daterange and easily find the cheapest traveltimes.

Ever wanted to fly to a destination that hasn't any connection with your depature airport. Spyfares.com is able to bring you the solution by combining (low-cost) airlines.

Ever wanted to hunt extreme traveldeals? Spyfares.com is the right place for you

About Me

In the past I spent hours surfing the web in order to find that perfect deal. With Spyfares i tried to simplify the hunt fot that perfect deal; less forms, easy to navigate, all-in-one !

Spyfares is build as a hobby website by Jan, a Belgian nurse who loves to travel



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